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Hey guys! I have been absent for quite some time now and I am so pumped to share with you what I’ve been up to. If you would like to find out and keep getting my updates follow along with me at my new blog Darling Darlings. In the next few days I’ll be transferring everything over to my new blog and this one will be deleted. I hope you all are doing well and I can’t wait to get reconnected with you!




It’s here… My most favorite time of year is here. It’s around this time that I get a burst of energy and excitement. Fall is my favorite. If I had to describe the crisp coolness in the air in just one word that word would be refreshing. October always reminds me that there are always new seasons coming and going. Summer doesn’t last forever and praise Jesus Winter doesn’t either. That realization helps me to make the most of each season of life. Whether I’m in a season of thriving or a season of dryness I’m reminded to make the most of each one because the seasons are always changing.

Happy Fall!

Here’s my nephew and I at the park on the first day of Fall. Isn’t he precious?!



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The smell, the sounds, the beauty surrounding us was a gift. A gift that my words can hardly give justice to but I’ll try. We had the perfect vacation last week. Time spent in Birmingham, Orange Beach, and Pensacola and the happy thoughts and joy that filled my heart still linger on. Just me and my favorite human immersed in God’s love. The sky, the trees, the ocean, the little creatures, the sunsets, the wind. Some of my favorite places I encounter God and His love. As I stood watching and feeling all of those His arms wrapped around me and He still hasn’t let go.



I don’t know about you but I love that feeling. That feeling of walking into a bookstore knowing you’re going to leave with something amazing in hand. Knowing that you’re going to dive deep into a sea of someone else’s world of thinking. I love it. I love getting lost in a new book or even an old book that will always be that special go to, that no matter how many times you read it it still hits your heart like it did when you read it for the first time. This week I’ve decided to get lost in both the old and the new. What a good week it should be 🙂

Be blessed friends. Feel free to hare your reads below.

1 year.

It’s officially been a year folks. One year since we walked our little bare feet into the big unknown together. I thought I’d share some black and white photos from that day and soon I will post a few more of my favorites.

Praying you’re having a happy and healthy summer.

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